Help The Enviroment, Power Your Home With Solar City Ambassador Program to Clean Energy

Doing something good for the environment is one step closer to overcoming global warming, and to solving energy problems in places where it can be harder to reach, and where sunlight is already abundant. To spice things up, SolarCity Company allows you to save the world while still making some money. There’s no better offer than this! Solar city also specializes in installation and maintenance of solar panels in America.

What exactly is SolarCity?

Solar Ambassador ProgramSolar City Company is the number one solar power provider in America. It’s has a good reputation for making green energy available to schools, businesses, homes and government organization at an affordable price.

To ensure that its customers are fully satisfied, SolarCity uses only highly qualified engineers to carry out the installation. So far, the company serves customers from 19 states including 400+ schools, US armed forces and more. There are more than 75 operation centers all over America to ensure smooth flow of clean energy.
The main reason why most customers go for SolarCity is that the company performs the entire process – installation, tracking and repair.

How does the company operate?

As stated earlier, the company takes care of the entire process. However, to ensure installation process flows smoothly, you will take the following steps:

· Consultation
This is where solar city experts take a look at how much energy you spend per day and examine your roof using satellite images. This will determine the ideal solar panel for you.

· Signing up the agreement
This agreement is simplified in that each crucial detail is on the front page. It covers your solar energy costs for about 20-30 years. Here, you should be prepared to come across multiple warranties and guarantees which will protect your home. There are no hidden fees.

· Solar panel design
Field operators will then visit your house to take measurements and closer look at your rood. This data will then be used in designing an ideal solar power system for your home.

· Installation
Installation process takes only one day. Once the system is approved by your power provider, you simply turn on your solar power.

What about Solar City Ambassador program?

This is a special program where you will get paid for referring a friend to Solar City. He/she must first sign up and get a system for you to get a check. In other words, you will get a $250 bonus for each installation while your referral gets a one month solar from SolarCity. That’s not all. If your referral becomes a Solar Ambassador and makes sales, you will be getting an extra $100 for each of these sales. These commissions will extend to six people down the tree.

Solar City Outstanding Features

So far, this company is doing an incredible work in solar industry. It has the best warranties, solar panels and multiple payment options. Here are some of its top features:
· Has an open book policy in contracts. This implies that you will have options if you decide to sell your home.
· Offers a smartphone app which makes it easier for users to save energy and monitor power generation.
· MyPower option allows you to obtain full ownership of the system from day 1.
· The company designs a solar panel system depending on your roof size and inclination to the sun.


SolarCity is ranked the best in providing green energy to over 15 states in America. It has a reliable customer support, great warranties, top notch panels and happy customers.

Ball State Showcases Facebook PPC Campaigns That Convert

facebook ads managmentYou don’t have to be a Facebook user to set up and run effective Facebook ad campaigns. But to set up an effective Facebook Account you do need to understand the business you are getting into to have a swift ad creation and management. Facebook PPC is set up different than other PPC campaigns seeing that it is designed for Facebook alone and no other platform. It is advisable that you create a Facebook personal profile or a page and spend some time on the site before creating your ads. When you have an idea on how Facebook runs, click “Advertising” button at the bottom of Facebook homepage and proceed as follows:

Developing your Facebook PPC Ad Strategy

There are a number of things you can advertise on Facebook; your website, individual products on your website, mobile application, Facebook page or an event. If you have a Facebook page, you can drive traffic to it then use it as a platform to market your website and you products. You can, alternatively, direct traffic to your website if you do not have a Facebook profile.
You are in charge of creating your ad. Make sure your ad is catchy. In the ad, include a catchy title (up to 125 characters), a concise body with brief but comprehensive details about the item you are marketing (about 135 characters), call to action and a photo (110px wide x 80px high).

Choosing your Audience

The beauty of Facebook PPC is that it allows you to target only people who may have an interest in what you are marketing. To this end, you are in charge of choosing your target audience. You choose whether to market to a specific country and region or to be global. Next, choose age and sex. If you run an ecommerce business that sells bras, you may target women above the age of 15.

Facebook also allows you to target specific keywords that relate to what you are marketing. The keywords are based exclusively on user profiles. To this end, you might want to stick to broad keyword phrases such as those relating to activities and locations. Lastly, you can target a specific organizations, workplace, singles or couples and you can also target a specific language for you ad.

Facebook Ad Pricing and Management

This is the last step and the step where you choose how much you want to spend on the Facebook PPC campaign. First off, give your ad a name; this makes tracking it easy. The minimum you can spend a day for an ad is $1; the total amount you spend per day will depend on the size of your target audience. You can choose to have your ad run continuously or target a specific time or period.
You can pay for clicks or for views. Whichever method you choose, you will never be charged more than your daily budget. Facebook will post your ad on the ad space and allows clicks or impressions that match your daily budget.
Test the effectiveness of your Facebook PPC campaign after a few days and make changes accordingly to up the conversion rates.